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SiNi Disperse

Why use Disperse?

The native 3ds Max painting tool has limitations. Our scene optimised freehand paint brush disperses 3d geometry anywhere in your scene and on any surface with efficient scene management and object orientation control.



Think of this as a simple painting tool where you select the objects you wish to paint, set their combined percentage ratio, and paint. You can transform, add and erase objects by type as well as exporting to edit mesh. If you wish to reuse a 3D brush for future use, you can save/load from the Disperse Library Presets. This saves all associated objects, textures etc to the library so you can reuse anytime.


Plugin features

  • Paint any 3d geometry, proxy, point cache.
  • Add as many objects to a brush as you like.
  • Objects can be edited, erased individually or as selections.
  • Optimises scene by converting to single mesh as you paint.
  • Colour and texture variation.
  • Spline and Camera clipping.
  • Export back to edit mesh.
  • Save brush presets to the Disperse Library.
  • No licence needed for render farms.


Supported Software

  • 3ds Max 2014 - 2018
SiNi Disperse
3ds Max’s power is its extendability through scripts and plugins. Most 3d artists use both for bespoke workflows. Our tools support many 3rd party plugins and file formats in 3ds Max, simplifying time consuming tasks to a few clicks.


We have partnered with many leading rendering engines and most 3rd party plugin developers to support and embrace every 3D artist's workflow, from Archviz, Animation, VFX and AAA games.