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DeSipher License Manager Login

In order to use SiNi Software, our DeSipher license manager needs to connect to the online manager. After installing and opening 3ds Max the DeSipher manager opens, allowing you to login to your account and activate your software.

There are two login options to consider, direct login (with internet access) or proxy server login (local network).

Direct login

The license manager is used to connect directly to the SiNi online license manager. It checks-in with the online server periodically to insure you are licensed and all software is up-to-date. DeSipher is connected to your online SiNi membership, meaning any changes online will affect your software, allowing you to control your usage and account.

Network proxy

For network installations where company IT policy and data security is paramount restricting direct access to the internet. Network administrators install the proxy service on the network allowing a secure encrypted tunnel connection to the online license manager. Within the DeSiper UI, select Network setting and input the required information. The user can then login to their account as usual.

  • This is not a floating license server.
  • MPAA and CDSA Compliant.

Please see the diagrams below for installation options.