SiNi Software

We believe we have a unique business model that offers huge benefits to the 3D community.

Our founding directors bring more than 50 years of industry expertise across many sectors including, broadcast and film visual effects, architectural CGI visualisation and AAA games.

Our Mission

Our mission is simple, we are developing world-class plugin products and tools that benefit you, the 3D artist.

We are the only 3D software company resolving complex architectural visualisation workflow issues adding multi-threading functions to dramatically increase computational power to handle working on massive BIM models.

Our aim is to expand our product range, supporting a wider range of 3D, BIM and VR softwares and deliver these products as cost effectively as possible, offering you financial flexibility and helping you work faster and make more profit.

"We are proud of the industry we have worked in for so many years. By assisting a new generation of 3D artists with products we wish were available when we were younger, we are excited to think what you will achieve with membership to SiNi Software.”

- Si and Nigel, SiNi Software.

Simon Donaghy - CTO

Simon Donaghy
The ‘Si’ in SiNI

Simon is co-founder and CTO of SiNi Software.

He has over 20 years software programming experience for computer games, television, visual effects, visualisation and film. He starting working as a game engine programmer for Inter-Dimension and migrated into the world of 3d visual effects and animation as a technical director.

Before co-founding SiNi Software, Si worked as a VFX artist at Squint Opera and technical director at Glowfrog.

Prior to this Si developed a small video game startup Herding Cats in the pursuit of making childrens video games. He also started for 3d VFX training and 3d asset sales. With many years in the industry working for Reuters TV and Nancy Glass productions he has had a chance to work on a wide variety of projects.

Si also spends his spare time riding superbikes.

Nigel Hunt - Chairman

Nigel Hunt
The ‘Ni’ in SiNi

Nigel is co-founder and CEO of SiNi Software.

He has over 30 years in architecture, broadcast and film VFX. As CEO, his leadership and shared ambition is driven by the desire to create a 3d company that redefines the way 3d software is used by artists.

Prior to SiNi, he owned and managed Glowfrog for 20 years, a studio specialising in architectural visualisation and visual effects, producing more than 2500 projects. During this period (1998-2001), he also co-founded a 3D software company, ReplicaNation, an online 3d software company specialising in 3d assets working with the world's leading furniture brands.

He continues to find time working as a filmmaker and VFX supervisor, as well as mentoring start-ups and is a visiting lecturer in VFX, CGI and animation.

He trained in architecture and graphic design.

Josh Gruitt
Software Wizard

Josh is a co-founder and lead developer.

He graduated from University of Westminster with a first class degree in Computer Games Development. He has a natural ability in resolving complex mathematical problems and is an expert in C++ and Autodesk 3ds Max SDK.

Josh loves Japanese Culture and Anime/Manga. He plays a range of different instruments and writes his own music.