Ignite Springboard Main Interface

SiNi SiClone Image

Why use Springboard?

From one interface you can access more than 130 tools and plugins without having to jump around the 3ds Max UI, as well as simplifying access to your favourite Maxscripts.



With so many tools included in IgNite it may seem intimidating at first. You can access the tools by opening the UI or from the SiNi Toolbar. The springboard is arranged into roll out categories for different operations. The Utility Tools rollout contains all our bespoke plugins. To learn more about these please see below. The main UI is divided into tabs with the Main Tools, SiNi Tools, and Config to choose from. SiNi Tools allows the user to create bulk tasks such as mass proxy creation. The Configuration tab is where you set your preferences and paths, including adding all your favorite scripts for immediate access.



  • Utility Plugin Products (See below for more information)
  • Professional HDRI library.
  • Relinking and archiving scenes with 3rd party file types.
  • Manage all your favorite scripts.
  • CAD cleanup and 3d retopologizing tools.
  • 3D Asset library management. (Coming Soon)


Requirements & Supported Software

  • Static MacID
  • Autodesk 3ds Max 2015 - 2019


Try / Buy

Available for 30-day free trial. See price page for subscriptions.

Supports the following 3rd Party Renderers



Springboard Overview
Springboard Overview
IgNite Measuring Tool
IgNite Measuring Tool
Springboard Playblast
Springboard Playblast
Springboard Playblast
Springboard Select Tab
Springboard Object
Springboard Object Tab
Springboard scripts
Springboard scripts Tab


Springboard has no maxscript functions yet.