IgNite Unite File Relinker and Archive Tool

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Why use Unite?

Native 3ds Max archiving and linking is very limited and slow. Almost everyone uses 3rd Party plugins, proxies and other file types in their work. Unite is designed to support over 45 file types making file management and archiving simple.



Unite is our relink and archive plugin for 3ds Max. It checks the scene for missing meshes, textures, scripts, xrefs, plugins, simulations, proxies with an efficient tool to relink and repath everything in the scene. Unite will also archive your projects, giving you an easy way to package up scenes, perfect for sending to online render farms or archiving.



  • Relink over 45 3rd party file types.
  • Relink files inside linked Xref scenes.
  • Repath scenes, Xrefs, proxies, maps etc, before submitting to online render farms or archiving.


Requirements & Supported Software

  • Static MacID
  • Autodesk 3ds Max 2015 - 2019


Try / Buy

Available for 30-day free trial. See price page for subscriptions.

Supports the following 3rd Party Renderers



Unite - Relinking Files
Unite - Relinking Files
Unite - Archiving a Project
Unite - Archiving a Project




Unite has no maxscript functions yet.