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by SiNi_Si
Posted on April 27, 2018 at 11:25 AM

New release of SiNi Software 1.10.1

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We are pleased to announce the latest release of SiNi Software plugins for 3ds Max. We have completely rewritten IgNite Sculpt and Scribe to include exciting new functions and enhanced with new multi-threading for an additional speed boost.

We have added a new plugin to the IgNite tools set, Siniscript, offering an easy to use gateway to add our C++ functions into your existing Maxscript pipeline. Siniscript includes over 90 Maxscripts sample scripts to make implementation a seamless process.

Changes and additions include…



  • Rewritten all-new c++ multi-threaded Sculpt.
  • 70% faster attach and detach functions.
  • New fast attach by similar objects function.
  • New live bulk weld for multiple meshes.
  • New random material IDs by face and element.
  • New glue and conform function.
  • New flip normals and flip normals to pivot function.
  • 60% faster delete and detach double faces.
  • New retopologize multiple meshes function.
  • New diagnostics view tools added.
  • New rebuild new mesh tool.
  • Added access to all Sculpt c++ functions via Maxscript.
  • Added UI scaling for larger display screen resolutions (Qt).



  • Rewritten all-new c++ multi-threaded Scribe .
  • 40% faster attach and detach Overlapping splines functions.
  • New outline array tool for dotted line, percentage lines, and outlines clones.
  • Updated conform spline to multiple surfaces.
  • New live bulk weld multiple splines.
  • New rebuild new spline tool to repair spline transformations.
  • Updated bulk Optimise multiple spline function.
  • Updated bulk Subdivide multiple spline function.
  • Updated bulk curve to corner multiple spline function.
  • Added access to all Scribe c++ functions via Maxscript.
  • Added UI scaling for larger display screen resolutions (Qt).



  • The official release of Unite now out of beta.
  • Added access to some Unite c++ functions via Maxscript.



  • Added access to some Jumble c++ functions via Maxscript.



  • Added access to some ForenSic c++ functions via maxscript.
  • Fixed missing files count.


NEW - SiNiscript

  • New c++ functions to Maxscript reference tool.
  • Over 90 Maxscript samples included.


Disperse and Scatter

  • Updated multi-threading Vray function to build mesh at render time.



  • Fixed bug where dialogue appeared on render nodes.



  • Added the ability to do silent installs from the command line.


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