IgNite SiNiScript Maxscript Extension

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Why use SiNiScript?

Build you own maxscript tools using our C++ functions for your own pipeline. With over ninty maxscript samples to reference most of the functions from all our tools.



SiNiScript is a maxscript reference plugin to supply sample code for all of our C++ function via maxscript. Expand your own pipeline with our C++ functions to give you just the tools you want to use. Easy to edit samples will get you started in building your own maxscript interfaces.



  • Over 90 premade maxscript samples
  • Send samples directly to the maxscript editor
  • Build your own SiNi maxscript pipeline tools
  • Run C++ functions from maxscript


Requirements & Supported Software

  • Static MacID
  • Autodesk 3ds Max 2015 - 2019


Try / Buy

Available for 30-day free trial. See price page for subscriptions.

Supports the following 3rd Party Renderers



Into To SiNiScript
Into To SiNiScript



SiNiScript has no maxscript functions yet.