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Sign Up and Download

Please follow the below steps to signing up, installing and getting up and running.


  • Register and sign up to create a User account. We advise you to enter accurate information including your address, country and email. This information is used at checkout and other promotional correspondence, including 3Disciple Magazine.
  • Check your email (and junk folder) to locate the confirmation email sent by SiNi Software. Click on the confirmation link to activate your account.
  • Login to your account on and navigate to the Downloads page. Download the latest workstation installer. You may wish to download the Renderfarm installer and Network Manager if appropriate.
  • Install SiNi Software. Please note, all versions of 3ds Max must be closed.
  • Open 3ds Max and log into the Desipher license manager popup. This activates the license. Follow Network Manager instructions if installing via a network server.
Using Free Forensic from SiNi Software part one Using Free Forensic from SiNi Software part two