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Managing Users and Licences

If you are a company or studio wishing to set up an account, please see below.

1. Register a new user as an administrator of the account. This may be a company director, or somebody responsible for software licensing. Please note; the account does not need a licence to control the account.

2. Once registered, log into the account User Dashboard and it is recommended watching the 'Getting started Help Videos' to familarise yourself.

3. Please add as many users to the account as you like, these are independent of your purchased account licenses. Every user gets an independant account with 30-day trials and FREE software.

PLEASE NOTE. If members of your team have signed up before the admin account is set up, you can only add these users after you purchase licences.

4. Every user added gets a log in email and password. They can then log in and use the 30-day trial software, prior to the Admin purchasing licenses.

5. If you wish to purchase licenses, this is carried out in the administrator User Dashboard. Select the products you wish to add to the account and purchase. Alternatively, please see the Pricing and Sales Options page for SiNi Account and Reseller orders.

6. The licenses will automatically be added to the account when the purchase is complete. SiNi Online sales only.

7. Once the purchase order is complete the administrator adds licenses to each user by ticking the checkbox adjacent the User name. You can deactivate Users by unchecking the product tick box. This will release the licence back into the account pool for reassignment.

8. Administrators can assign licenses to any registered user of SiNi software. This allows you to assign licenses to 3D artists who may subcontract with your studio by adding their email into your users. The license remains yours to control and deactivate when the contract is terminated.

9. If you want to add licences, simply purchase more. There are bulk discount available.

10. To remove/delete licences, you must deactivate recurring licensing. This will terminate the licence when the current contract period expires.


If you have a team of 15 and only purchase 5 licenses you can assign licenses to 5 users, and add the other 10 users to use the free Forensic only. The licences can be reassigned to others when required by unchecking the license from one user and adding it to the other.

If you wish to setup a network proxy manager, when workstations do not have direct internet access, you need to install the SINi Network Proxy Manager.