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Updates and Changes v1.13.0

2 weeks 22 hours ago - 2 weeks 22 hours ago #371 by SiNi_Nigel
SiNi_Nigel created the topic: Updates and Changes v1.13.0
SiNi Software Release v1.13.0

IgNite Collection
UPDATE: Add tick-box for Glue by Pivot point.
FIXED: Instance Objects, fixed rare occurrence whereby it moved certain objects out of place.
FIXED: Instance Objects, adds new instances to correct layer.
UPDATE: Scale Man is now paintable in active viewport.
UPDATE: Changed SiNi Tools Tab to Workflow Tab.
UPDATE: Added Workflow Tab presets for SiNi, VRay and Corona.

UPDATE: Separated Relink and Archive files to individual Tabs.
UPDATE: Added Repath Tab. Allows for repath files to a different location.
UPDATE: Copy Files. Copy to new location in Repath Tab.
UPDATE: Relink 3ds Max files without having to open them up.
UPDATE: Added an option to reveal exact path of missing files.
FIXED: Small bugs with Unite v1.12.3.0
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