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Scatter Beta Released

2 years 1 month ago #110 by SiNi_Nigel
SiNi_Nigel created the topic: Scatter Beta Released
The long-awaited Scatter has been released as a first phase beta to allow users to experiment with it.

We've made it free during this time as we expect we'll get lot's of feedback, especially comparing it to other softwares, which have been around for some time. Keep in mind, we have designed this tool to be a simple, yet powerful scattering tool that will work differently to other 3rd party products.

We have no intention of building a direct like-for-like competing tool but intend to build this product into something different.
During the Beta trial, we would like to hear from you with ideas, frustrations and feedback on how we can develop Scatter.

To download, simply log in and download the latest installer 1.09.3 or above. Scatter Beta will automatically install with the other products and can be found with the Object Plugins. It does not use a licence, so will not show in Desipher licence manager.

Known issues;
- It only supports optimisation in V-Ray 3##. It works with most renderers but we have not optimised it for them at this stage. They're coming!
- Go easy on the poly count! We've road tested up to 10 billion polys. As this is a Beta, we're still working on the optimisation and multi-threading code.

Let us know what you think and send us some images of what you create!

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7 months 2 weeks ago #353 by Dustin Moore
Dustin Moore replied the topic: Scatter Beta Released
It's this software still in development?
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